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Creative development


We are quick studies when it comes to understanding your products or services and the audiences you're trying to reach and attract. Once we are confident that your proposition has a good chance of succeeding, we begin the creative process. 


This is where we start with blank sheets of paper and write and create images that form a compelling story. Some of our clients know exactly what they want, and they seek only execution. Others look to us to take the lead, which we are happy to do. 


The results can be breathtaking. Breathtakingly profitable, that is.


Integrated media planinng


Today your message must be anywhere and everywhere your audience goes to get information. It could be a custom mobile message sent to opt-in customers seeking your latest news. It may be a postcard in their mail box. Speaking at prestigious conferences and workshops is another way to communicate effectively. 


The details of the media, digital, mobile, print, events, PR, social and other platforms simply isn't that important. The key is consistent and timely messaging to the audience in ways that inform and give people good choices on the next action step they might take.

Giving power to the words


Copy writing requires the right "voice" when representing your brand. Do the words match the tone and terminologies familiar to your audience? Is the writing conversational, with a warm personality? 


Sometimes a more formal tone is required, such as when addressing engineers, who tend to think in precise technical terms. Truck drivers and small business owners would be more informal, and open to humor. Business executives often tire of the office buzzwords, so it's usually best to avoid the tired or trendy ones. 


For both words and images, the key is clarity. Nobody has time to solve puzzles or connect dots, which is why clarity is king. 

Follow through


There is no substitute for peace of mind, especially when you have a sales force or a dealer network waiting for you, the brand or francise owner, to help lead them to the promised land.


​Projects like new sales material and exhibits put the pressure on internal staff because the investment in tradeshows is significant, and missing deadlines with a product launch can set the company back a year. It's happened. 


Outsourcing execution and management to us is another way we can help. If you select four or five specialty firms to handle your communications, you also need a full time executive to manage them. Is that really necessary? Not if you call us first. 


Organized around the insights and creativity of senior marketing strategist, copywriter and designer, Mark Nicolas, we provide top level creative work that is within reach of companies and organizations small and large.
Our experience includes multi-billion dollar international companies in B2B markets, including automotive, plastics and chemicals, building materials, manufactured goods, professional services and more.
It also includes numerous sole proprietorships in rural Lancaster County, PA, in agriculture, consumer, equine and B2B markets.

Branding and Marketing Communications


Marketing research

Proposition development

Campaign, program planning

Strategic budget allocation


Copy writing


Graphic design

All media: Online, Display, Print, Events

Social media marketing

Mobile media marketing


Partnerships, programs, campaigns, projects


We know how your customers think.
We understand what people seek as it relates to your brand, and the market conditions surrounding it. We speak to the people in your market on your behalf in ways that attract attention and inspire action and response on their part.
We create your market face, how you present your company, products / services and propostions to as many prospects as we can reach with your budget.
You can work with us on a project basis, or as your "ad agency in a can" for ongoing brand building campaigns and programs. That simply means you only pay for what you get, without the burden of helping to pay a large agency's overhead.
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